Friday, October 31, 2008

Mtn. Sheep Canyon -- A Very Different Slot

Continuing on with photos from the slot canyons near Page, AZ.... Steve, my husband, and I visited two other slot canyons this past Tuesday, Mtn. Sheep and Rattlesnake. Both were very different from Upper Antelope canyon, but equally as fascinating. Upper Antelope, as I mentioned before, is very wide and spacious in many areas at the wash bed (bottom), both Mtn. Sheep and Rattlesnake are very narrow. In the second photo here you can see the sandy bottom of Mtn Sheep canyon and, yes, it IS that narrow. We were literally brushing along the smooth, cool sandstone walls on both sides at once. Both of these photos are from Mtn. Sheep. I will post some photos from Rattlesnake next, which I feel was much more photogenic.

Quite an interesting experience!

Photos were taken with a Canon G9 on a tripod with long exposure times.

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